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     My unit got damaged by fire 8 months before they closed the park. The city gave me housing months later. I had a dog, Abby, so it took a bit longer. The new unit I live in now, cost $ 452.00 per month. A year later they raised my rent by 30 percent to a little less than $ 700.00. Last month my dog died. She was all I had.

I don't fit in this area.....
I miss Midfield.

I am a military vet and I'm sad and worried that the city will do this to others. I miss Midfield a lot, I don't like it here very much.

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Posted by GM on July 30, 2018      My husband B. & I moved to the "great city of Calgary" in August of 2006, when the housing costs were way out of proportion. In order not to be House Poor, we decided to move into Midfiield Mobile Home Park., have been here ever since, and except for the way City Hall has treated us, have not regretted it at all.
We've set down roots, hard & fast, with our Church, our Community Center, doctor, amenities and some very wonderful neighbours.
When we moved in, we were told 60% of the residents were seniors - we were not, but were glad of the House Pride we saw around us. Now, we're both seniors too, and have also seen young families move in because they like the neighbourhood and also do not want to be House Poor.
We are adults, homeowners, voters, and do not deserve to be treated like children - shuffled from "pillar to post".
We deserve the dignity of humans.
We are a diverse community, like any other.
If other communities were treated this way, and had their neighbourhoods torn apart, I know that they would react too. Maybe not as well as we have.....
Too many seniors are treated to "Elder Abuse" and this is what is happening to the Grand Old Lady that's been home to many people since its "birth" in the 60's. The Park has been allowed to deteriorate like an abandoned elder.
Please don't ignore us, and tear us apart........

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Posted by SM on May 3, 2015      My husband and I moved to Midfield Mobile Home Park almost a year ago. We were extremely excited to be coming back to Alberta, back to the province we were both born and raised in, back to family and friends we hadnít seen in a long time. It was very exciting. We knew we were coming into a fixer upper, but that too was exciting, both being retired now. So we started making repairs and changes with the help of our wonderful family and our HOME was coming along. We understood that it couldnít get done all at once, because we spent what we had on the HOME and are on a low income, but it didnít matter, we could tackle things as our finances allowed. Then we got another pleasant surprise, there is a fantastic community here in Midfield. Friendly, nice people and neighbours. This was a bonus.

Then the letter came. We werenít worried, after all, in the past the City had promised to move the Park to a new location. So ok this would work too. We could still labour on our HOME, make changes and have our dream come true. But that was NOT to be! There was no relocation offered and very little value for our HOME to be had. In fact, we are now faced with destroying our new HOME, clearing the lot, leaving nothing behind or we could move our HOME to another park (just spent our last money), or fight to keep what we have. Completely astonished by the heartlessness!!!! Canít tell you how stunned we actually are and extremely upset. Itís hard to sleep at night, when you donít know whatís coming and what will be next.

So we have decided to fight, hold our ground, fight for ourselves and our HOME. Stand with our neighbours.

Put yourself in our position for a moment..........You have just moved here, bought a nice home for (letís say $500,000.00) and are moving forward. All of a sudden you get a letter from the City, you are to vacate your new house, level everything to the ground and oh ya, by the way we will give you 10% of the value of the home you paid for. Like the sound of it so far? Not likely!!!! So here is the question..............What would you do???? Makes you think doesnít it?

We really hope the City reconsiders, do what is right and decent and move the Park to a new location, better yet, leave all of us here, make the repairs needed to the Park and let us live our lives without all this stress and upheaval. Dave and Gayle Tate

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Posted by D&G T on January 26, 2015      My husband, myself and my at the time young son moved here because it was affordable, clean, friendly and safe. We have lived here for almost 8 years. We had bought this place as part of our retirement plan. In 1 1/2 years our mortgage will be paid off. Now we have to find somewhere to move our trailer or somewhere else to live and basically start over. My son is now in grade 8 and has made many friends in the park. Goes to a school which is close and he can walk to.

Its true the park is friendly everyone waves whether you know them or not. I've left door and cars open in the past (by mistake) and nothing ever happens. This park used to be clean now it's run down and looks like no one cares because they don't.

I have struggled with depression for 20 years and this past year has been the worse. I have bad anxiety attacks have gone on leave from my job because i'm under so much stress. I just want to retire he and enjoy my family and friends.

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Posted by LC on January 20, 2015      I am 65 years old in June. I lived for several years at the Calgary drop in center for the homeless.
When I was 60 years old I scratched and clawed my way and built up a small business. I did so when Fanny Mae, etc. collapsed and at the height of the recession. I even had an executive that was up from the U.S. that I chatted with one evening tell me that I wasn't supposed to do what I had done and that maybe 10 people in all of North America were capable of doing what I had done as I grossed over 94,000 dollars in business my first year. Even my employees kept telling me I was paying them too much, so I didn't net a large profit, but I eventually bought and paid cash for a mobile home in Midfield Trailer Park and invested much time and money towards renovations.

When I bought my trailer, I received an assessment from the city of around 27,000 dollars. Now, even though I have renovated about 1/3 of my home, they sent me an assessment of about 14,000 dollars along with an eviction notice for 2017.

I have been forced to cease completion of renovations because of this. Upon completion of renovations, my home would have been worth in excess of 60 or 70 thousand dollars. The city offers 20,000 dollars for my home. Out of this, it is my responsibility to pay in excess of 12,000 dollars to have them tear it down and clean up the lot. My neighbour accepted this and it cost her over 12,000 to tear it down and that was the cheapest she could find.

The city of Calgary and mayor Nenshi have pulled the rug out from under everything I scratched and clawed for in the last 5 years. I wonder how Mr. Nenshi and the city councillors would feel if we forced them to accept less than half the value of their homes and then forced them to pay to have them torn down and the land cleaned up afterwards? Why has the city of Calgary forced us to pay taxes on land we don't even own and then refused to repair the necessary infrastructure that requires repairing as they would in any other community of the city?

I bought my home because it would serve as an affordable place to live in retirement. I am a senior citizen this summer and likely don't have any hope of ever owning a home that I can call my own again unless Donald Trump comes calling and offers me a job.

I would like to thank Mr. Nenshi and his cronies for their complete insensitivity and corporate greed. They are "the grinches that stole our homes".

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Posted by DV on January 19, 2015      In the heart of Calgary there is a 50 year old community that belies its mobile moniker. Meet the men and women of Midfield Mobile Home Park, a neighbourhood that will be demolished in 2017, scattering its residents and destroying the community.

Video courtesy of Telus | Optik/Local/myCalgary

Published on Jan 31, 2013      I moved into Midfield Park after my mother passed away seven years ago. When I moved in, I did not know anyone and had no friends in the park. I suffered a stroke shortly after moving in. My next door neighbor looked after my home and my cat while I was in the hospital. She drove me to appointments and kept an eye on me while I recuperated. We became quite close and a friendship developed. Since then I have made friends with a number of people in the park. As you walk around the park, everyone talks to you or waves. If help is needed, not just me, but any resident in the park, everyone living here will give help to anyone who needs it. I have someone who cuts my lawn, clears the snow and ice in winter. If there is rhubarb that needs someone to harvest it, there are always neighbors to make pies or sauce and share it with neighbors. We are a small, tight knit community who cares about each other.

Almost all of the residents of Midfield Park have animals. I have two cats that I rescued from the Humane Society. My cats (Bela & Shai) will have to be given up as most senior's apartment building particularly low cost housing, do not let you have animals. They are my companions, my friends, my family.

Midfield Park is not just a mobile home park. It is a community of its own. Many of the residents are seniors and have expected to live out their lives within this community. There are close friends that will be lost forever if this eviction by the city goes forward.

The city has implied that they are unable to sustain the up keep of this property due to infrastructure deteriorating. The residents of the park DO pay rent for the pads and we DO pay property tax to the city for the mobile homes. The infrastructure is falling apart because the city has chosen to not keep the infrastructure maintained but has probably used the money for other projects they have deemed more worthy.

Midfield Park is run by Calgary Housing which is owned by the City of Calgary. Midfield Park sits on prime property and I firmly believe the City of Calgary wants the land it sits on for a money making project. The City of Calgary does not care about the residents they are forcing out of their homes. Think about this. If someone came to your door and handed you a notice stating they were going to destroy your community, kick you out of your home, give you no reimbursement, and have no place for you to go. What would you do? Give up or fight like hell to retain ownership of your home.

The residents of Midfield Park need to fight against the bureaucracy of the City of Calgary. Most of the residents are seniors living on a fixed income. We have yards, flowers, pets, friends and neighbors. All of this will be lost to us. There is no place to move the mobile homes to and the cost is too great. The residents of Midfield Park, including myself, will NEVER be a home owner again. What right do they have to kick us out of our homes, other than they own the land?

Many of the residents have lived in the park for 40 years or more and are of an age that the move may mean they will not only lose their homes, friends, neighbors, animals, but will lose the familiarity of their homes, their possession and their stability. This will cause significant stress on the seniors living here, including myself, and trying to make the adjustment to all these changes could mean the beginning of the end for seniors. They will have lost everything they hold dear - Shame on you City of Calgary - how cruel and uncaring is this?

The city is trying to make Calgary one of the Senior Friendly cities - With actions like this I see no hope for Calgary to EVER become a "Senior Friendly" city.

Midfield Park is my home. I own my mobile home and have lived in Midfield Park for seven years. I am a senior and live on a fixed income. I have never owned my own home before and if my mobile home is taken away, I will NEVER be able to own my home again. Where do I go?

So why in the world would I want to give all this up to become homeless! Sorry but I am NOT moving nor destroying my home!

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Posted by SZ on July 25, 2014      I have been here over a year now, Midfield seems to be a good if not great place to live.

Posted by BL on July 15, 2014      In 2008 my mother's parents died, which is exactly where the money came from for her (my mother), for the first time in her 51 years, to purchase and own a home (unit xx at the Midfield Mobile Home Park). It was the first time and only time my mom could stop worrying and have security in life about where we would live.
I have always lived with my mom. From a young age I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as a couple years of agoraphobia.
When I turned 20 years old I became pregnant and I had a daughter. But due to my medical issues my mom shared custody of my daughter with me, and we came to Alberta from B.C. In 2008 she was able to buy this home at Midfield Park.
Mom never had much, but she tried very hard in life. She was strong, loving sharing and giving. She was always there for my daughter and myself.
Mom became ill in the last year and a half, and with that happening she gifted this mobile home to my daughter and me so we would have some security and a home to remain in if she did not make it, because she knew I cannot work, I am on a disability income.
Unfortunately mom did pass away in April of this year. I promised her in the hospice I would not let this home go, and if I had to I would make sure not to lose what she put into this home so I would have somewhere to live always, so she could pass away peacefully and not worry about me or whether or not I would be okay.
Living with my disorder, being here at Midfield is truly the perfect solution for me. I'm close to my doctors, stores, good honest neighbors, it's been wonderful for me to try to heal from my issues, and it's comfortable and convenient.
But now, I don't know what will happen. Everyone is upset, stressed out, and scared for our futures. But for me personally those feelings are 100% worse because I live with anxiety and panic disorders.
Mom and I thought I would have somewhere to call home and not worry no more about being able to afford it. This was all my mom could think of to do for me before she passed away, was unit 44 Midfield Mobile Home Park. A home, security, a future.

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Posted by JH on July 13, 2014      I bought my home in the park approximately seven years ago. I had just mutually ended a relationship, and seeing what was available for rental properties, took the advice of a friend and looked into home ownership in this park.The unit I purchased has been completely redone (drywall, vinyl windows, siding, etc.) and put me in a nice home of my own at a cheaper price than renting a dingy basement suite. I was informed at the time that the possibility the park was closing was there. I didn't think at the time, that this was a big deal. Boy, was I wrong. In seven years, I have made friends, realized how conveniently located this park is, and even learned to ignore the sirens, and outgoing planes. I may not have lived here as long as most of the residents, and although I am younger than some, hate the thought of leaving. Literally, the largest problem I have faced personally, is that I am now paying a mortgage on a home that has depreciated so much because of the uncertainty of the parks future, that now I owe more than my home is worth. A situation we all share, I'm sure.

Recently, I moved my senior parents from Ontario, to spend their golden years with me in a quiet community setting. All of this was put in motion when the plan was still to build a new park for us. I didn't want to move then, or now, but all in all we still had a place to go. Mom absolutely loves to sit on the deck, and enjoy the day, but she does worry about our future, based on the latest flip-flop by our elected officials. I wasn't overly concerned myself, but realized very recently just how traumatic this can, and has been for so many.

I also, hope the city reconsiders, and reverses a decision that has devastated so many, in such a short time. We may live in a home that costs a fraction of what most Calgarian's have spent their hard earned money on, but it's our home. To all of us here, we don't need to spend 400,000 or more to be happy. We're home and hope to stay. That would make us all truly happy

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Posted by ML on July 6, 2014      My husband J., my daughter, M. and I moved into Midfield Park in 1979 - We raised our daughter and became part of a community that was home to us until this a very day. To call this "community" just a place to live, easily replaced by another one, to me is just not true. If the park is closed down, we literally will be homeless! When I speak of "we". I mean my mother and myself. I lost my husband in 2005 to cancer and I have formed lifetime friendships. At this time, my mother and myself are senior citizens and if this park closes down, the hardships will increase tenfold!! There are a lot of seniors in this park and our hardships probably will be equaled and even surpassed by others.

I don't know if my letter or even other letters that you might receive will make any difference to what you have planned but young and old will lose their homes and it "will" make it difficult for them to find other lodgings. Please think about what I have said and what all the residences have said and are saying!!! And in our case, we may be forced to go back to where we came from - British Columbia!!! - Yours truly, D & M

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Posted by D&M on July 3, 2014      My husband and I have lived in Calgary for 40.5 years with 39 years as of July 1, 2014 in Midfield, I must say I'm very disappointed in the city's closure of Midfield and them saying they have nowhere to relocate us. When we were originally interviewed by the representative of Calgary Housing about the possible closure, we were promised there would be a new park namely East Hills Estates for us to move to. We were shown blueprints of the park and were told lot choosing would be by seniority of length of time living in Midfield. We were asked if we would move to the new park and we said we would.

My husband and I are both seniors. He is retired and I am on the verge of retiring. We are middle income citizens. With lot rent and mortgage payment we are paying just over a $1000 a month. My husband worked for 42 years serving 25 of these in the Armed Forces, 7 years at Colonel Belcher and 10 years with Canada Post. I have worked for 46 years- 4 years with Manitoba Telephones, 4 years with Raytheon Canada, 1 year in Daycare industry and 37 years in the Oil Service Industry. Our daughter was born, lived, and grew up here. Our whole life is wrapped up in our mobile home. Checking around for other options, we are finding things very bleak.

We moved into the park July 1, 1975 with a new 14 x 64 foot mobile home. In 1984 we upgrade to a new 16 x 64. Then with upcoming retirement in 2002, we upgraded once more to our dream mobile home (which was custom built for us). It is 20 x 60. Now we are being offered up to $10,000 for relocation/demolishing and $10,000 closure. There are no places in the city to move into at the present. Demolition is definitely out of the picture, because we have $85,000 wrapped up In our home. What do we do? Our mayor Nenshi and our alderman Gian-Carlo Carra feel we have been given a generous offer. They have pulled the carpet right out from under our feet and they say they are being generous.

At this point moving forward and having to restart our lives with a new home as retired and almost retired seniors is not attainable within our lifetime. As mentioned before, our savings have been invested into our home and without this investment there is not much left for us. What I don't understand is how this action of displacing us without the option of relocation was allowed to move forward, when our agreement to move revolved on that fact. Why were we not consulted or given knowledge that East Hills Estates was no longer an option???

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Posted by R & F H on June 12, 2014      My wife and I are seven year residents of the Park and members of the Midfield Mobile Home Co-Operative since 2005.

We decided to purchase a mobile home in the park after long consideration. We visited numerous units before we decided to buy our home at number XX. We were very selective before making the big decision and actually sat in the little visitor parking area across the street for a long time to take in the location of the unit, it's neighbours and the openness and view from the unit. I work in the downtown area. And as part of my job, in case of an emergency, I may need to be at work as fast as possible and preferable within minutes. That was also part of the reason to consider this location.

In the years we have lived here, we have come to enjoy the community spirit in Midfield Mobile Home Park and of course would hate to have to move away from there.

I as well as many of the residents are on a limited budget and therefor chose to live in Mobile Homes, which are definitely easier to purchase than a residence of any type. In a letter from Gian-Carlo Carra, alderman for ward 9, it was mentioned that an alternative to moving may be to reside in the permanent homes in the new community that will replace Midfield Mobile Home Park. In a perfect world that would be the ultimate solution, but don't forget that a great percentage of the park residents live on a fixed income and without large subsidies perhaps will never be able to afford one of the permanent homes.

I realize that the City has decided to close out the Park in favour of multi unit housing. It will be hard to reverse that decision. The excuse of the 'deteriorated' sewer pipes sounds like a great reason. Any other part of the city that has reached this age has the same clay sewer pipes and as a rule they need to be changed also. It's a matter of fact. Abandoning that project and relocating 182 families is an easy way out.

In closing, I would like to point out a fact that is not discussed openly.
Originally and before the park was constructed this location was a dry dump. Yes, we are sitting on ground that shifts. One corner of our unit has moved steadily since we moved in and doors vibrate when heavy traffic passes on 16th Avenue. The North side of the park overlooking the golf course shifted a year or two ago and had to be re-enforced. I would keep that in mind before any construction is approved. The "Go Forward Strategy" may turn out to be a "Go Downward Strategy".

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Posted by CK on February 18, 2012      In a city that I have called home for almost half a century, I've witnessed great growth. Many leaders and teachers who made a political and educational impact on myself, my children and my grandchildren. Though through the ups, there are downs, and getting older creates a financial difficulty only those involved can understand. I was a resident manager for Calgary housing prior to retiring, when I was forced to leave because of city budget cuts, they did not provide me with a pension. I had no other choice but to move into Midfield Mobile Home Park. The neighborhood is devoted to like minded honest people who have also retired, with a few who are still young and working full time, the majority are elderly. All the stores are close by as well as access to our family, via Deerfoot trail.. My husband and I enjoy gardening in our yard as well as relaxing with a good book overlooking the city. We could never afford another place, we would be forced to live in an assisted living building given we live off of our small government old age pension. We love Calgary, and we hope to live in Midfield for the rest of our lives.

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Posted by S&PK on September 16, 2011      Our first introduction to Midfield Mobile Home Park was in 1969 when family friends bought a brand new park model which was located overlooking the Elks Club. It was a very beautiful and well maintained mobile park. I built our friend's fence, a deck, a back entrance with porch, stairs, and put up their skirting. This unit is still there today and requires very little maintenance.
In 1978 we bought an existing unit that also overlooked the Elks Club, as we really liked the location and how well maintained the park was. We really liked the convenience and life style of living in the park and had made some really good friends. In 1989 we moved out of the park into a home on a large pie shaped lot. Within two years though, we realized that this was not what we wanted, and as we were nearing retirement, we wanted a place we could easily maintain and be comfortable in as we grew older. We moved back into the park in 1991 and built on an addition complete with a large storage room, a covered deck and small garden shed. We liked that everything was on one floor, with very little maintenance and a small yard to take care of. The location was good as it is close to shopping, transit and our doctor's office.
We have called Midfield our home for over 30 years, and have no desire to move or relocate. We are in our 80's with growing medical issues, and over the last few years, have made several changes that will allow us to stay in our home as long as possible. We love our home, our yard, our friends and neighbours and the community we belong to here in Midfield. When we moved back, it was to be our last home, and we still feel this way.
We have been told that the park needs to be moved as it is 40 years old and there are problems with the infrastructure. There are lots of older places here in Calgary that are not being treated as we are that likely have the same infrastructure problems. As this is a mobile park, it is easiest for the City to displace the residents and sell the land at a hefty profit, rather than investing in this community and fixing the problems.
The majority of the residents in the park are seniors that pay their rent and taxes on time and have called the park home for many years. As seniors with growing medical concerns and with limited mobility, we all appreciate being close to public transportation and convenient shopping. Lots of residents walk daily to visit local merchants. This will not be possible in the proposed new location that is adjacent to a sour gas line, which concerns us. We are very stressed and anxious about being forced out of our homes and being made to relocate at this time in our lives. Because of this so called move and the way it has been handled, our units are worth very little.
Yes, we have a few problems but with more cooperation from our land lords and the City, they could all be easily fixed and maintained again. Please do not move us adjacent to a sour gas line or onto a land fill site. Please let us stay in our homes, and live out our lives in peace and comfort in the community we call home.

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Posted by GW on July 16, 2011      I've only been here 4 yrs and love it here. I renovated the trailer I bought and turned it into a great home. MY HOME. My friends can't believe how great it turned out. I'm very proud of MY HOME. The main roads I use in Calgary are Deerfoot Tr and 16 Ave. This is a great location for me. It doesn't take me long to get to work or to any place I need to go. Please give us a commitment to keep the park open so we can get on with our lives and quit worrying about all this.     THANK YOU. M

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Posted by MM on July 14, 2011      My husband and I moved into the park 14 years ago. Before we lived in a 2 story townhouse. At that time my husband was having difficulty walking and climbing stairs, we chose to move to a mobile home park, to have everything on one floor. We chose Midfield park for it's location (isn't the saying location location location). I am able to catch public transit for work each day and my husband only has to drive 30 minutes to work. We are only 20 minutes from our daughters places which is also convenient. We enjoy going to the Zoo and it is very close. Our doctors, the grocery stores, dentist, pharmacies and the bank are all just minutes away. Our place is very comfortable for the two of us and we like the area in the park where we are located. We know our neighbors and it's very quiet. In a couple of years we will be retired and my husband likes the idea of being close to the Renfrew 50 club. So like all the other residents in Midfield a move to a new location that is at the east end of the city limits is a very disturbing thought.

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Posted by DT on June 29, 2011      Midfield Park is my haven - my place of quiet, peaceful living. I have lived in the park for 10 years and I love it here. I tried living in a Calgary outskirt community BUT was not content there, so far away from everything. I had to drive everywhere if I wanted anything. Here in Midfield, I can easily walk to the grocery store, my family doctor, my pharmacy, for an evening ice cream treat, etc. I love my little home, it may be small and old but it is my home, my haven, my community. I love my Clematis, Peonies, Sweet Williams, Snow on the Mountains and Pansies that come up lush EVERY year ...(planted lovingly by my now deceased mother-in-law) these plants are my pride and joy and it tears me apart that they could be mowed under if the park is moved. I love going for walks in our community, especially on the path along the golf course fence line at the bottom of the hill - it always takes me back in time to the farm where I grew up and followed cow paths. I LOVE it.
    There are other communities much, much older than this one, their sewers and water lines (infrastructure) are old too, is the City going to move them? Using that reason (excuse) to move our community just does not sit right with me. Please don't move us ... this is our home, our community, our haven.

    I forgot to put something important in my story ... my grandchildren come visit me often, my old home is "Grandma's House" to them, they memorized the park, my home # ... they love to go for walks with me, to run, play, ride bikes, kick balls and fly kites freely without worry. You move me, then you move Grandma's House, it will never be the same for them as it is here. If you move us, you will be showing them unstability in the City, unstability in a place they call Grandmas' House.

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Posted by CM on June 29, 2011      Hello, I am a single, divorced man who after 30 years of marriage is on his own for the first time in my life. It has been six years now and I still am affected by it with clinical depression. After losing my career job, I took a position with the City of Calgary and traumatized my shoulder with a tendon tear. Even after 8 months of physical therapy and signing off any liability to the city, I experience much agony and pain on a daily basis. Living close to the Renfrew Recreation Centre gives me access to the gym and pool for rehabillitation. It is important to me to be able to walk or ride a bicycle to the facility and to the Coop Market (and for prescription drugs)...so, I can minimize the amount of driving and money I would have to spend otherwise. Being a member of the Refrew over 50 Club is the only social activity I enjoy. Moving me away from these activities would be devastating. Most of the homes, including my own, have been here since the park has been established and are maintained but old. I am convinced that there would be unimaginable damage done to most of the units, should they be relocated. The City of Calgary has informed us that we might also be liable for some of the costs of the relocation? Unfortunately, (and I thank God) that, I am living on my pension funds...on a very strict budget... taking early retirement, with very little disposable income, let alone, funds to move my unit. I will continue to get stronger and healthier, so I can cope with whatever life throws at me... I just don't believe that closing down our park is a good idea for many of our seniors that have been here so many years and have worked so hard all their lives to be treated like disposable citizens. Please do not move us.
Thank you.

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Posted by SDS on June 28, 2011      I moved into the park a long time ago and enjoy living here. I like my neighbors and the area. I made friends in the Fanning Centre and on my way to Co-op, I visit them quite often for a cup of tea.

Posted for M on June 27, 2011

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