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              Hand delivered: September 20, 2016
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Landlord's Notice to Tenant
Termination of a Periodic Tenancy

TO: Xxxx Xxxx
#xxx, 954-16 Avenue N.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2E 1L1

I give you notice that the periodic tenancy between me as landlord and you as tenant for #xxx, 954-16 Avenue N. E., Calgary, Alberta, T2E 1L1 is terminated on September 30, 2017. You are required to vacate the mobile home by 12 noon on that date.

Background Information

The City of Calgary has undertaken an extensive review of the structural condition of the water and sanitary sewer networks within Midfield Mobile Home Park. This investigation showed that the saddle clamps which secure each mobile home's separate service connection to the water main, have corroded substantially and the connections could separate resulting in water leaks directly under the mobile homes.

With respect to the sanitary sewer network, approximately 30% requires urgent action or is in an advanced state of deterioration. Approximately another 33% of the sanitary sewer network has structural deficiencies.

The water and sanitary mains are not located underneath roadways, as in typical residential neighbourhoods, but rather they are located beneath mobile homes. Repair and replacement of the water and sanitary sewer network is impractical, given the logistics of removing the existing mobile homes, garages, carports and other improvements in order to access the utility network.

Reasons for Termination

The tenancy is being terminated for the purposes of obtaining vacant possession of all of the mobile home sites located in Midfield Mobile Home Park in order to disconnect and remove the existing water and sanitary sewer network, to remove any remaining improvements and to do preliminary stripping and grading of the Midfield Mobile Home Park lands.

Dated this 15 day of September, 2016.

Agent for: The City of Calgary, Calhome Properties Ltd. and Calgary Housing Company

Doug Cassidy
Director, Real Estate & Development Services
The City of Calgary | Mail Code #195 P0 Box 2100, Stn. M, Calgary, AB Canada UP 2M5
Phone: 403-268-2065

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